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The North American Security Community

14W 2A, 205 Reed

David Haglund, Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Political Studies at Queen's University, Visiting Faculty

It has been just over two hundred years since the United States and Canada fought each other. What can international relations students learn from these two centuries of peace and cooperation? How should we think of the North American security community in comparison to NATO? And where does this security cooperation fit in the foreign policies of the United States and Canada? To better understand the limits and possibilities of US power in the world, it bears considering what that power gets the US on its own continent.

Renowned expert on American and Canadian foreign policy, Canada-US and transatlantic relations David Haglund will teach this seminar. He is the Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Political Studies at Queen's University, former director of Queen's Centre for International Relations, and Dickey Center for International Understanding Fellow for Winter 2014. This is a unique opportunity as Professor Haglund will be on campus only for winter term!

War and Peace in the Modern Age

The course stresses the study of both the global state system as well as the human condition as essential to understanding the phenomenon of collective violence. A complete course description:

Identical to SSOC 1 and WPS 1

Offered 13S and 14S 10A

This course is designed to acquaint students with the fundamentals of war and peace; that is, with the political uses of military power and the respective roles of military and civilian leaders in formulating and implementing foreign policy. We will also investigate how war affects civil society's social movements and how the characteristics of states' domestic politics arrangements affect or constrain the ways that leaders choose to execute their most preferred strategies. Finally, we will also try to come to an understanding of what war is actually like for those, both combatant and non-combatant, that must participate in war on a daily basis. Dist. SOC. D.G. Press.

Public Lectures and Discussions

Public panels have covered diverse and controversial issues. These have included nuclear proliferation, the rise of China, conflict prevention, transnational crime, citizen responsibilities in wartime, refugees, post-traumatic stress disorder, the use of torture, and U.S. policy in Iraq. The aim of these public programs is to spark open dialogue embracing a variety of view points on the major conflicts of our time.

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