Student Opportunities

The Dickey Center develops programs that encourage students to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in the classroom in a variety of international activities, both on and off campus. We provide a wide range of opportunities to explore complicated issues from multiple perpectives.

The three core areas of focus for the Dickey Center are Security, Health and the Environment. By providing classes and internships, access to invited scholars and faculty, support for student groups, and other academic and co-curricular activities, we strive to inspire students to think critically about the issues of the day. What are effective strategies for conflict resolution? How will climate change affect coastal communities? How is Rwanda controlling the spread of malaria? John Sloan Dickey said, "The world's troubles are your troubles...and there is nothing wrong with the world that better human beings cannot fix." His words frame and guide our mission.

Take a look at what the Dickey Center has to offer students:



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