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Cross-cultural experiences are truly life changing. International travel challenges you to re-examine your worldview and pushes you to question assumptions about yourself and others. The Dickey Center offers a variety of programs to help Dartmouth students and recent alumni to get abroad.


An international internship is intended to complement the academic aspect of a Dartmouth experience. Dickey internship are intended to help current students develop intercultural competence, , and first hand as it relates to areas of academic or professional interest.

International Internships

Dartmouth undergraduates can spend a leave-term working overseas with funding from the Dickey Center. Find an unpaid internship or volunteer position that matches your skills, and apply for funding to suppor the project. Learn more

Global Health/ Women & Gender Studies Internships

A collaborative internship that focuses on the links between health, education, gender and human rights in India and in Guatemala. In the Western Highlands of Guatemala, a partnership with the Highland Support Group and Asociación de Maujeres del Altiplano addresses poverty through social, economic, political, and cultural systems. Learn more

Little Devices Lab Internship

The purpose of this internship is to work with MIT faculty and students on innovative technologies for use in health settings in resource-limited areas. The student selected for this internship will have the opportunity to work on a number of projects with MIT faculty advisors. Learn more

Building Civil Society in Kosovo: Summer Study/Internship

This unique opportunity blends study, travel, and internship into a summer-long immersion experience in the Balkans with a focus on post-conflict transformation, civil society, and capacity building. Two Dartmouth students are selected annually for funding. Learn more

Seeds of Peace Summer Internship

Seeds of Peace provides two Dartmouth students (undergraduate or graduate) an unparalleled opportunity each summer to learn about peace-building and conflict resolution first-hand. Students spend half of the summer as counselors at the International Camp in Maine. At the end of a camp session, the Dartmouth students travel with the Israeli or Palestinian campers back to the Region to work with them as they re-integrate into their societies after this transformative experience. The Dartmouth students are based in Jerusalem and travel through the Region with staff and campers to plan and facilitate post-Camp programs and discussions. Learn more


Research abroad is a great way to explore the world while gaining relevant ­academic experience. The Dickey Center offers funding for a limited number of research opportunities. Additional resources are available through academic departments and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research.

Global Health Fellowships

The Dickey Global Health Initiative offers undergraduate, medical, graduate, and joint-degree students an opporunity to conduct mentored research with global health reseachers from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. The goal is to train the next generation of global health researchers by working directly with researchers at their international field sites and with in-country partners. Learn more

DarDar-Dickey Internships

DarDar interns primarily work on global health research and outreach projects with in-country collaborators. Internships are available only to undergraduate students at sophomore level or above. Learn more

Stefansson Fellowship

The Insititue of Arctic Studies offers a research and travel fellowship for work within a far Northern community or location. High mountain glacial research or work with another Arctic research center is in the U.S. or elsewhere is also possible. Individual projects can deal with any field of study represented in the Dartmouth curriculum. Learn more

Public Service

The Lombard Fellowship

In collaboration with the Tucker Foundation, the Dickey Center supports up to a dozen recently graduated students (undergraduate or graduate) each year to undertake volunteer community service projects in the United States and around the world. Graduating seniors and first-year alumni from any level of study at Dartmouth are eligible. Learn more

Project Grants & Prizes

Chase Peace Prize

The Chase Essay Prize has a $500 award for the best essay submitted on the subject of war or peace. The Chase Senior Thesis Prize has a $1500 award for the best senior thesis on the subject of war, conflict resolution, and the propects and problems of maintaining peace or other related topics. Learn more

Davis Projects for Peace

Projects for Peace is a $10,000 award for original projects that test our ideas for building peace. As a participant in the Davis United World College Scholars Program, Dartmouth students are invited to design grassroots projects that are implemented in the summer. Learn more



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