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Moroccan NoirAssociate Professor of Arabic, Jonathan Smolin, took advantage of the Dickey Center's manuscript review process before publishing Moroccan Noir: Police, Crime, and Politics in Popular Culture, in 2013. Professor Smolin and his book were the subject of a recent Dartmouth Now story. 

One of the best ways Dickey can help support Dartmouth faculty is through the Dickey Center Manuscript Review Program. The program is designed to provide helpful and timely feedback to faculty preparing monographs or other similarly large academic works prior to submission for publication.

The core of the program is the manuscript reveiw seminar. The Dickey Center organizes a review seminar in which all the reviewers and the author can respond to each other's comments and collectively devise strategies for overcoming any deficiencies in the text. As an endeavor in collegial constructive criticism, it represents the best of the academic endeavor.

Manuscripts selected for participation in the review program will be copied and disrubuted to Dartmouth faculty and two external reviewers identified by the author. The Dickey Center then arranges a review seminar in which all the readers gather to discuss the work and assist the author in developing strategies for the manuscript's improvement and possible placement for publication. 

The Dickey Center covers all the costs for the program, including copying and distribution of the manuscript, travel, accommodations and honoraria for the external reviewers, and dinner following the seminar.

This program is open to all Dartmouth faculty with manuscripts that are near completion, but still in position to benefit from the review. Given sufficient demand, preference is given to non-tenured faculty. Since the Dickey Center's mission is international understanding, we focus on manuscripts that are international in substance or scope.

For works that fall outside of our mission, we can help with support elsewhere on campus. The Leslie Center for the Humanities, for example, has generously agreed to consider works that fall within the humanities, but which are not international.

Questions about a manuscript review should be addressed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (603) 646-2023


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